Logic – Grades 7-8


Student Characteristics:

Still excitable, but needs challenges; judges, critiques, debates, is critical; likes to organize items, others; shows off knowledge; wants to know ‘behind the scenes’ facts; curious about ‘Why?’ for most things; thinks, acts as though more knowledgeable than adults

Our Teaching Methods:

  • Time Line, charts, maps (visual materials)
  • Debates, persuasive reports
  • Drama, re-enactments, role playing
  • Evaluate, critique (with guidelines)
  • Formal logic
  • Research projects
  • Oral/written presentations
  • Guest speakers, trips

SSCCA has widened my view of academics and prepared me for high school and college. It has shown to me the importance of studying hard and doing all that is given to you with a full heart.
Keith – 8th Grade