In the New Testament, Paul refers to running a race four separate times (see Acts 20:24, I Cor 9:24, 2 Tim 4:7, Heb 12:1). Although he is drawing an analogy to the way Christians should live their lives, we at SSCCA believe that Paul’s choice of comparison is not random or accidental. Running a race, and athletics in general, require perseverance, training, commitment to the greater good (team), and personal sacrifice. The committed athlete must “train” and then “run” in such a way as to “win the prize”, which requires a constant focus on the end goal to provide the motivation and commitment need to push through short-term pain.

These are life lessons, and we believe that athletics can be a physical microcosm in which these lessons can be learned. To that end, we offer physical fitness as a part of our curriculum, and field two middle school teams each year in basketball and volleyball.