In Genesis 1:1 we learn that God is a creator. Later in that chapter we learn that God created us in his own image (Gen 1:26), so it stands to reason that He made us to be creative just like Him! While we don’t have the power to make planets or people or beautiful sunsets, God has gifted us to be creative in ways such as music and art, and has commissioned us to use these creative gifts to bring glory back to Him (Exodus 31).

Studying art and music also provides the opportunity to appreciate and hunger for beauty, which songwriter and theologian Michael Card says is “at its heart a hunger for God.” As we create and appreciate beautiful art we find ourselves hungering for the One who is truly beautiful.

At SSCCA we strive to provide opportunities for our students to develop their creative gifts through our music and arts programs, and to learn how to use these gifts as beautiful offerings back to the Lord. Whether it be through music, the fine arts or drama, our goal is to touch each student where they are, and help them learn to be creative and love beauty.

St. Stephen’s has given me the opportunity to express my creativity in a fun and useful way. I believe it has shaped me into the fun, creative young woman I have always wanted to be.
Aubrey – 7th Grade