Bringing History to Life

Each year, Headmaster Dykes, who loves teaching 6th grade history, looks forward to taking his class on three special field trips that help bring Civil War history to life for his students: Gettysburg, Harper’s Ferry, and Antietam.

We were grateful that Covid 19 didn’t interfere with today’s field trip to Gettysburg, where SSCCA’s sixth graders were able to visit locations of specific battles they studied during the year, such as Little Round Top, Big Round Top, and Devil’s Den, and also watch the short film and visit the incredible cyclorama which stands 42 feet high and is longer than a football field. Experiences such as these make the stories students hear and the words they read come to life in an immersive way.

Living so close to historic Civil War battlefields is an incredible blessing for the students at SSCCA and we are thankful that we are able to visit them as an enhancement to our history curriculum!