Teacher Spotlight: Fran Frey, 4th Grade

Mrs. Fran Frey, 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Frey’s story truly is a “dreams really do come true” kind of tale. When asked as a young girl what she wanted to be when she grew up, her unhesitating answer was always “a teacher!” But we all know that our plans are not always the Lord’s plans, and despite her love for children and the classroom, she was never able to be in the classroom full-time. As the years went on she used her gifts with children at her local church, acting as Sunday School Superintendent for over 35 years and running yearly Vacation Bible Schools. She also enjoyed moments in the classroom as a substitute teacher for SSCCA. Remarkably, in 2019, a half-day position teaching fourth grade at SSCCA opened up and she eagerly filled the role. Building on that success, she was given the opportunity to take the full-time fourth grade teaching position in 2020. Despite teaching in the midst of a global pandemic, Mrs. Frey’s greatest joy has been helping the children in her classroom learn and grow! Her journey is proof that it’s never to late to follow your dream!